Ten Cases of Extraterrestrial Contact | UAP

Ten Cases of Extraterrestrial Contact
Preston Dennett:

A face-to-face encounter with an extraterrestrial humanoid – it’s one of the most astonishing experiences a person can have. And it’s happening to a lot of people. It’s been happening all over the world for a very long time. While governments across the world are admitting that UFOs are real, they refuse to talk about firsthand contact cases. The question is why? Is it because humanoid encounters represent the forefront of UFO research and have volumes to teach us about this subject? This video presents ten astonishing cases of direct contact with humanoids. These include multiple witness cases with a wide variety of supporting evidence. Time for truth!

A SHOCKING EXPERIENCE. It was 10am one summer morning in 1948 when Ernst-August R. was minding his sheep in a rural area of Hemer, Germany. Suddenly his sheep scattered as a large saucer-shaped craft landed next to him. Ernst reached out and touched it. He was immediately shocked and passed out. Upon awakening, he was surrounded by strange humanoids.

A VERY LOUD UFO. One afternoon in July of 1960, railway worker Georges Godbout and two others were on the Canadian National Railroad by Chapais, Quebec, Canada when a UFO appeared over the tracks. It stopped and a humanoid wearing a green bodysuit came out. He started to look around, but seeing the witnesses, quickly fled. The UFO flew off with a noise so loud, it made the witnesses physically ill.

SPRAYED BY A UFO. On the afternoon of September 30, 1971, Anssi Hakala (age 11) was bicycling to his home in rural Marttila, Finland when a tall green humanoid appeared, floating above his head. Anssi biked away in fear. The being disappeared into a craft, which continued to pace Anssi on his bike, spraying him with a weird liquid as Anssi raced home.

THE LAUGHING ALIENS. At 5:30 pm on September 27, 1973, Antoine X (a mechanic) was out picking edible mushrooms by his home in Bedarrides, France…

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