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Alien Visitations:
Ten Cases from Around the World
Preston Dennett:

UFOs are real! The UFO subject is now enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Governments across the world are now admitting the validity of the UFO phenomenon, and more and more people are now stepping forward to share their own encounters. This video presents ten cases of alien visitations from across the world, seven of which involve face-to-face contact with humanoids of all different kinds. Landing traces, physiological effects, unusual electromagnetic disturbances, and most cases with multiple witnesses – the truth can no longer be denied. We are not alone!

A CLOSEUP ENCOUNTER WITH HUMANOIDS. On November 16, 1952, 40-year-old farmer, Nello Ferreri stepped into the fields near his home in Castelfranco, Italy to relieve himself. Suddenly a circle of light appeared on the ground around him, and looking up, he saw a flying saucer hovering just overhead. Looking down at him were three strange humanoids wearing rubber suits.

THREE YOUNG GIRLS SEE A HUMANOID. School had just let out for Anne Storedal (age 10,) her sister Tora and their friend Tora Moy (both age 9) and they were walking to their homes in Torpo, Norway. Suddenly a small black dot appeared in the sky, zoomed down, and hovered only a few feet overhead. The girls could now see it was a strange, spherical craft, and inside was a tiny man dressed in black staring at them.

THE ALIEN TOURISTS. On September 29, 1965, Emil and Ada Carlsson stepped outside their home in Arboga, Sweden and saw a boat-shaped object floating silently only a few hundred feet over their heads. Inside were more than twenty people were bright colored clothes. The strange figures were surveying the couple and the environment. The Carlssons realized that they must be alien tourists!

LANDINGS AND HUMANOIDS AT WAYNESBORO, VA. On the morning of December 21, 1965, Horace Burns was driving along Hwy 250 near Waynesboro, Virginia when a UFO landed next to him, stalling…

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