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A screenshot from the video embedded below (Top Aces)

Video takes you in the cockpit of one of the former Israeli F-16s that are flying as Red Air during exercises in the USA.

Top Aces Corp. is one of the firms that was awarded contracts under the Combat Air Forces (CAF)/Contracted Air Support (CAS) program to improve the training of the U.S. Air Force’s Formal Training Units (FTU) and increase the number of new pilots trained. To do so, the company employs former Israeli F-16A Netz (Hawk), as they are locally known, which were retired from the Israeli Air Force at the end of 2016 and were delivered in the US in 2021.

A video just published on YouTube shows one of Top Aces’ many Red Air missions from inside the cockpit, courtesy of Justin “Hasard” Lee, a U.S. Air Force Reserve F-35 pilot and former F-16 pilot. During the video, he flew in the back seat of an F-16B which was simulating, together with a single-seat F-16A, a couple of Su-30 Flanker fighters armed with AA-10 Alamo semi-active radar homing missiles and AA-11 Archer IR-guided missiles (in the video you can clearly hear the pilot calling Fox 1 and Fox 2 during the engagement).

This is done with Top Aces’ proprietary Advanced Aggressor Mission System (AAMS), which allows the F-16 to replicate any near-peer adversary fighter aircraft. In addition to the AAMS, the F-16s are equipped with AESA radars, Scorpion Helmet Mounted Displays, datalinks, electronic countermeasures and so on. The weapons are only simulated, and the F-16s are always seen flying in a clean configuration.

The Offensive Counter Air (OCA) mission of the video saw two two-ship F-16 flights engaging in Beyond Visual Range (BVR) combat against Blue Air aircraft, pushing well in the Within Visual Range (WVR) combat for a “dogfight”. The pilot does a great job at explaining step-by-step what they are doing and why, showing the importance of the Aggressors during…

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