CO2 Emissions Would Fall 34% If Every Fleet Was As Young As Wizz Air’s

Wizz Air is one of the most aggressive airlines in Europe. It is growing fast with a take no prisoners approach. While a fierce competitor in European airspace, the airline is also... Read more »

An A320 Wouldn’t Work If The A321 Doesn’t Work – Wizz Air

Airlines with fleet commonality enjoy a significant cost saving over those with mixed fleets. However, it also means they have less choice when it comes to serving routes that perhaps have lower... Read more »

Wizz pulls Cardiff base two weeks before take-off | News

Less than a day after it confirmed plans were moving ahead for a new base in Cardiff, Wizz Air has now confirmed the project will be pushed back to next summer. The... Read more »

Wizz Won’t Go Transatlantic With The A321XLR

Despite setbacks, the hotly anticipated Airbus A321XLR is expected to enter service in 2023. That might seem like a long time off, but it will pass in a flash. Among the customers... Read more »

Wizz Air to take off from Cardiff this month | News

Wizz Air has confirmed that its new base at Cardiff Airport will start operations on Friday, July 30th. The news comes as the Welsh government announces that fully vaccinated travellers returning from... Read more »

Wizz Air Doesn’t Care About The A321XLR Passenger Experience

Wizz Air’s Chief Commercial Officer confirmed that when the Airbus A321XLR enters the Wizz Air fleet in 2023, the focus will be on keeping costs down rather than improving the passenger experience.... Read more »

Wizz Air adds flights to new green list destinations | News

Wizz Air is restarting flights to three additional destinations from June 30th onwards, as the UK government expands the green list of countries people can travel to from England without having to... Read more »

Wizz Air launches first ever UK domestic service | News

Wizz Air is launching its first ever domestic service, with flights from its Doncaster Sheffield and Cardiff bases to Jersey. Beginning in July, these flights will operate twice weekly. With a short... Read more »

Wizz Air launches cabin crew recruitment drive | News

Wizz Air is recruiting cabin crew members across its UK bases, including London Luton, Gatwick, Doncaster Sheffield and Cardiff. The decision comes ahead of the summer season and hopes international travel may... Read more »

Wizz Air Shutting Down Domestic Routes In Norway

European budget airline Wizz Air will soon be ending its domestic service in Norway. This will see the termination of three routes out of Oslo on June 14th, less than a year... Read more »