Biman Bangladesh Pilots Call For Pre-COVID Pay To Return

Last-minute talks have stopped a strike by Biman Bangladesh pilots campaigning to restore their salaries to pre-COVID levels. Biman management had cut the salaries of all employees, including pilots, between 20-50%, owing... Read more »

AirAsia Wants To Pay Off 0.5% Of Its $8 Billion Debt

Struggling low-cost long-haul airline, AirAsia X is proposing to pay off just 0.5% of its $8 billion debt to its creditors ahead of its slate being wiped clean. The airline said that... Read more »

Alaska Airlines Will Pay Staff $200 To Upload Their Vaccine Certificate By December 1st

Following an Executive Order issued by the federal government requiring that all federal contractors have their staff vaccinated amid the pandemic, Alaska Airlines is mobilizing its workers to obtain vaccination certificates. As... Read more »