British Airways’ Airbus A380 Fleet Isn’t Dead Yet

British Airways has signaled that the Airbus A380 fleet isn’t dead yet, with all of the aircraft potentially coming back into service. Lufthansa Technik today revealed that the airline had extended its... Read more »

Airbus Isn’t Planning An A322 Anytime Soon

The notion of stretching the A320 family to create what’s been dubbed an A322 isn’t an unrealistic prospect. It would require some fettling to get right, for sure, but is something that... Read more »

American Airlines Isn’t Worried About Business Travel’s Recovery

The United States is traveling again, with up to nearly two million people flying a day across the country in recent weeks. However, only a small group of these passengers are flying... Read more »

Qatar Airways’ Airbus Annoyance Isn’t Related To Paint Jobs

There appear to be mysterious and unspecified tensions between Qatar Airways and Airbus. Reports note that the Middle Eastern carrier has an outstanding issue with the planemaker, which might cause it to... Read more »