United Airlines plans supersonic future with Boom | News

United Airlines has announced a commercial agreement with Denver-based aerospace company Boom Supersonic to add aircraft to its global fleet. If realised, this could be a move that facilitates a leap forward... Read more »

Qatar Airways CEO On The Future Of Its Small A380 Fleet

Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker made a splash this week, saying he thought buying the Airbus A380s was the airline’s biggest mistake. It is a rare admission from an airline CEO... Read more »

Bright Future? The UK’s Ghost A380 Factory Set For Activity Again

The West Factory at Airbus’ Broughton plant has been making wings for the A380 since 2003. But with the final A380 now in assembly in Toulouse, the factory has lost its purpose.... Read more »

Dreamy Future: The Boeing 787 Has 486 Unfilled Orders

Having battled to return the problematic 737 MAX to the skies, Boeing has recently been facing even more issues with its popular 787 Dreamliners. For several months it failed to deliver a... Read more »

Qantas Future Small Plane: The Embraer E2 Family Vs Airbus A220

With Qantas planning to replace its aging fleet of Fokker jets and Boeing 717s, aircraft manufacturers are competing for the lucrative order. Boeing lacks a plane in the regional jet space. But... Read more »

Jumbo Future: The Boeing 777X Has 320 Orders So Far

Although the aircraft is still around two years away from entering service, Boeing has racked up 320 orders for the new 777X. According to Boeing’s order book, the largest number order is... Read more »

Pilots Of The Future: Children Fly Turkish Airlines Boeing 777

Turkish Airlines has let a group of children take control of a Boeing 777 in celebration of Turkey’s National Sovereignty and Children’s Day. Using motion capture technology, the children, aged between seven... Read more »