Qantas Is Auctioning 2 Airbus A380 Business Class Seats

Need a new chair for your home or office? Maybe Qantas has the answer. The Australian airline is auctioning off two Airbus A380 Skybed II business class seats. But the seats are... Read more »

Emirates Adds Just 1 New A380 Destination For August

July saw Emirates adding a modest number of destinations to its recovering Airbus A380 network. Unfortunately, the recovery has less oomph in August, with only one new scheduled Airbus A380 destination joining... Read more »

Lufthansa Incentivising Early Retirement For A380 Crews

With the significant downtown in aviation over the past year and a half, many airlines have had to adjust their operations to suit the lower levels of demand. To ease the pain... Read more »

How Qantas’ A380 Pilots Are Coping With Not Flying

Long-haul Qantas A380 pilots are speaking up about the pressures of being out of the cockpit. According to media reports, the airline’s online communication system on Yammer is filled with stories of... Read more »

Reports Suggest Airbus May Test Hydrogen Tanks On The A380

Recent reports have suggested that Airbus may be looking to its giant double-decker A380 to test out hydrogen tanks for its next-generation airliner. The manufacturer is backing hydrogen as its clean fuel... Read more »

4 Day Old Emirates A380 Operates First Revenue Flight

The newest member of the Emirates Airbus A380 fleet has touched down in Frankfurt following its inaugural passenger flight. The aircraft was just delivered to the Dubai-based giant at the weekend. A6-EVO... Read more »

Qatar Airways CEO On The Future Of Its Small A380 Fleet

Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker made a splash this week, saying he thought buying the Airbus A380s was the airline’s biggest mistake. It is a rare admission from an airline CEO... Read more »

Airbus Set To Close One Spanish Factory As A380 Production Ends

As the production of the Airbus A380 winds down, Airbus has begun closing factories supplying parts to the aircraft. The manufacturer will close one of two plants in southern Spain, merging their... Read more »

Bright Future? The UK’s Ghost A380 Factory Set For Activity Again

The West Factory at Airbus’ Broughton plant has been making wings for the A380 since 2003. But with the final A380 now in assembly in Toulouse, the factory has lost its purpose.... Read more »

Asiana Reportedly Flying Its Airbus A380 For India Repatriation

Asiana might be deploying its largest passenger jet for a repatriation flight from Delhi next week. Sources suggest that the A380 could be chosen to bring home South Korean citizens amid India’s... Read more »