How Much It Costs British Airways To Land An A380 At Frankfurt

While British Airways hasn’t scheduled the Airbus A380 to fly to Frankfurt since December, the giant of the skies has been making a daily appearance at the airport over much of the... Read more »

British Airways Resumes Airbus A380 Flights To Johannesburg

British flag carrier British Airways has resumed flights to Johannesburg with the Airbus A380. The airline resumed long-haul flights with its largest aircraft just over a month ago. While the Omicron variant... Read more »

Emirates Reveals How It Pulled Off The A380 Burj Khalifa Stunt

Emirates has released a video showing how it filmed its latest advert featuring the Airbus A380 flying around the Burj Khalifa. The stunt, filmed in October 2021, features a skydiver portraying a... Read more »

A China Southern A380 Pilot Spent Over Half Of 2021 In Quarantine

Ma Jian, a China Southern Airbus A380 pilot, spent 189 days and 4,536 hours in quarantine during 2021, and was aptly named the “King of Quarantine.” Nonetheless, when he was on duty,... Read more »

Emirates A380 Flies Past Flight Attendant “Stuck” On The Burj Khalifa

Emirates appears to have repeated an advertising stunt undertaken in late 2021. Once again, the Dubai-based carrier filmed a stunt actor standing on top of the Burj Khalifa. However, this time she... Read more »

Qantas’ Airbus A380 Returns To Passenger Service

The Qantas Airbus A380 made a triumphant return to the skies with passengers onboard earlier today. The aircraft took off from Sydney Airport in Australia at 22:07 local time, around a quarter... Read more »

11 Airports Will See 2 Or More Daily Emirates A380 Flights This Month

Last month Emirates took delivery of the final Airbus A380s to be produced by the European planemaker. The airline is already putting the jets to good use. 11 airports will see the... Read more »

Return Of The A380: The British Airways Fleet In 2022

UK flag carrier British Airways boasts a large and diverse fleet of jet-powered airliners. The London-based oneworld founding member has more than 250 aircraft at its disposal, with a further 24 active... Read more »

Qantas Now Plans To Resume International A380 Flights In January

Qantas is tipped to bring its Airbus A380 aircraft back to service early as pilots on other fleets face strict quarantine rules. The move will allow the airline more flexibility with the... Read more »

British Airways Reinstates January Johannesburg A380 Flights

After the UK government scrapped its red-list again, British Airways has reinstated Airbus A380 flights to Johannesburg in January. The airline had pushed back the launch to February after the eruption of... Read more »

In Photos: Airbus Bids Farewell To The Last A380

It has been almost a week since Airbus delivered the last ever A380 to its biggest customer of the type, Emirates. The occasion was bittersweet for the European planemaker, and while the... Read more »

Qatar Airways’ Airbus A380 Return: Where Are They Flying?

An unexpected twist in the second half of 2021, middle-eastern carrier Qatar Airways announced that it would be reactivating part of its Airbus A380 fleet. The airline deemed this necessary as a... Read more »

A380 Return Allows Qatar To Resume Premium Catering Offering

Coinciding with the return of the Airbus A380 into regular commercial service on December 15th, Qatar Airways is resuming “full personalized services” when it comes to in-flight dining experienced pre-pandemic. This will... Read more »

Will We See Another Aircraft As Large As The Airbus A380?

Airbus has finished building the Airbus A380, having delivered the last jet of the program yesterday. The aircraft was the largest passenger plane to be made to date, but will it go... Read more »

That’s A Wrap: Emirates Takes The Last Ever Airbus A380

And just like that, it’s over. Emirates has taken delivery of its 123rd Airbus A380 order, bringing the entire double-decker jet program to a close. The Dubai-based airline was the first to... Read more »

Made With Love: Airbus A Draws Heart On Last Ever A380 Test Flight

Yesterday was an emotional day for the global aviation community. The last Airbus A380 that will be delivered conducted its final test flight. Amid the sentimental occasion, the crew of the superjumbo... Read more »

Only 1 Left: Airbus Delivers The Penultimate A380

As we edge ever closer to the end of an era, Airbus has delivered its penultimate A380 of the program. Today, the aircraft left Hamburg en route to its new owner in... Read more »

Is A Second Hand A380 Market Possible After The Pandemic?

Throughout 2021, the Airbus A380 has defied expectations, making a speedy comeback from what seemed like the end at the height of the pandemic. However, while some existing operators are bringing the... Read more »

Emirates To Resume London Gatwick Airbus A380 Flights Next Week

Dubai-based carrier is set to resume Airbus A380 flights to London Gatwick Airport from next week. The airline had said that flights to London’s secondary airport would be operated by the Boeing... Read more »

The Giant Is Back: Emirates & Singapore Resume Sydney A380 Flights

Today was another excellent day for Airbus A380 fans, especially those in Australia. Singapore Airlines operated the first commercial Airbus A380 flight to Sydney since the onset of the pandemic, closely followed... Read more »