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DALLAS — In anticipation of its first Airbus A350 delivery in 2025, SWISS Air International Lines (LX) has revealed the final cabin configuration that will be installed on the aircraft.

The airline initially announced the introduction of this new-generation widebody aircraft in December 2022. Since then, preparations have been underway for its upcoming service, and now we have details about the number of seats and the featured products inside the Airbus aircraft.

Tamur Goudarzi Pour, Chief Commercial Officer of LX, said, “Through their carefully conceived spatial design, all our seating classes aboard our aircraft will offer our guests a totally new and unparalleled air travel experience from 2025 onwards. With our new cabin concept, we will still remain the only major airline in the world to offer a First Class cabin on all its long-haul aircraft.”

The Airbus A350-900 will be configured in a very loose 242-passenger layout. The cabin will be divided into four classes, including Economy Class, Premium Economy, Business Class, and First Class.

The Largest Premium Economy in the Fleet

In order to provide the utmost comfort for its high-premium clientele, the cabin configuration of the A350 for LX will be specifically tailored. As a result, the Economy Class section will occupy only one-third of the entire fuselage, accommodating a total of 156 seats.

In contrast, the Premium Economy product will have a more prominent presence on the aircraft, with a total of 38 seats. The A350 will have the highest number of seats in this class among all the airline’s fleet members, surpassing even the Airbus A340-300.

The Business Class cabin will feature 45 seats arranged in a 1-2-1 layout, providing direct aisle access and enhanced privacy for passengers.

On the other hand, the First Class section will consist of…

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