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By Manoj Joshi.

Future war is seen as one with autonomous weapons, robots, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). But another key element that has emerged is the race to dominate space. Satellites in space provide a range of capabilities for combat systems on Earth like GPS guidance for munitions and men, surveillance of adversary movements, command, and control. Destroying or disabling them can have multiplier effects on ground.

Earlier this month, Michael R Turner, the chairman of the United States (US) House Intelligence Committee, remarked that a new Russian development of space technology was emerging as a “serious national security threat.” On the next day, US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby confirmed that information was shared with the US Intelligence Committee and be made available to other Congressmen. President Joe Biden was briefed about it earlier and he has ordered National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, to brief senior legislators. The Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, dismissed the warning, terming it a “malicious fabrication” and a trick by the White House to get US lawmakers to approve more money for Ukraine to counter Russia.

While no details have since emerged, there has been speculation that this capability could pose a major threat to US intelligence and communications satellites with a nuclear weapon. Such a weapon, if deployed, could destroy communications, space-based surveillance and military command and control systems of the US. But it is unlikely that the Russians will put a nuclear warhead in space. Instead, the information could be more about a Russian nuclear-powered device that could blind, jam, or gut the electronic insides of US satellites or issue an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that could destroy all satellite electronics in a certain range.

Like many major space-faring nations, Russia has experimented with space-based systems to disable satellites. This has ranged from ground-based missiles to…

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