Space unleashed: ASU launches students into NASA’s ‘Rock On!’ program | Space

Arizona State University is pioneering accessible pathways for students to engage in space exploration. Guided by Eric Stribling, a faculty member of the Interplanetary Initiative, the university is reshaping traditional academic boundaries to offer diverse disciplines an entry point into space.

ASU’s dedication to nurturing student engagement is demonstrated through a collaborative effort funded by the Interplanetary Initiative, the School of Earth and Space Exploration, the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering and Barrett, The Honors College. The combined support made an extraordinary journey possible for two ASU students: Sadie Cullings and Noelle Geddis. Their participation in a seven-day NASA-hosted “Rock On!” program at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility was made achievable by these collaborative efforts. The Rock On! program empowers students with the skills to design experiments for suborbital space flight, aligning with the university’s ethos of inclusive education. 
ASU students Noelle Geddis (left) and Sadie Cullings. Photo courtesy Eric Stribling

At the workshop, Cullings and Geddis designed a Geiger counter, a vital tool for detecting and measuring ionizing radiation around Earth. The Geiger counter, along with additional sensors, was successfully launched into suborbital space, marking a significant step in understanding the environment beyond our planet’s atmosphere. This program not only imparts technical skills but also nurtures an interdisciplinary, collaborative mindset. Stribling underscores that such interdisciplinary collaboration is…

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