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Harwell, 30th October 2023 – Leading space-energy company, Space Solar has today announced an innovation partnership with Thales Alenia Space, a joint-venture between Thales (67%) and Leonardo (33%), to continue their collaboration on the first commercial space-based solar power (SBSP) system.

The agreement reflects the strategic alignment of the two companies toward SBSP and recognition of the opportunities it presents for space sector organisations around developing new, large infrastructure in space to support the needs of the planet. Both companies are committed to bringing this technology to life to create a completely new baseload energy technology for the benefit of humankind.

Thales Alenia Space in the UK and Space Solar have been working together for over 6 months on the UK Government’s Department of Energy Security and Net Zero’s ‘Net Zero Innovation Programme’ (NZIP), developing the concept and assessing mission architectures for Space Solar’s CASSIOPeiA system.

The agreement today builds on that strong foundation, reflecting the rapid growth in interest in SBSP around the world, and the need for strong partnerships. It also presents an opportunity for both companies to help shape the ecosystem for the technology and best-in-class delivery teams.

Sam Adlen, Co-CEO of Space Solar said: “Delivering SBSP is predicated on great companies working together across the space and energy sectors and beyond. As we start work on our first products, partnership with committed organisations will be vital to success and this agreement will be a strong foundation for the journey ahead. We are delighted to be working with Thales Alenia Space and look forward to building our SBSP capabilities together.”

Andrew Stanniland, CEO of Thales Alenia Space in the UK said: “the challenge for a net-zero world is one that spans many industries and environments; success will depend on the ability…

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