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Image: Brig. Gen. Jason Cothern, Space Force Space Systems Command deputy commander.

MILSAT SYMPOSIUM 2023 — The Space Force’s primary acquisition command, Space Systems Command (SSC), will wrap up plans for two new “Systems Deltas” to support electronic warfare and positioning, navigation and timing operations by mid-next month, according to a senior SSC official.

Brig. Gen. Jason Cothern, SSC deputy commander, told Breaking Defense on Oct. 19 that Space Force chief Gen. Chance Saltzman had given the command “30 days” to ready the new deltas — which are being created to support the two new prototype “Integrated Mission Deltas (IMDs)” the service stood up under Space Operations Command on Oct. 12 as part of its effort to improve operational readiness and unity of command. Space Operations Command generates forces for, and serves as the Space Force component to, US Space Command.

During his earlier presentation at the MilSat Symposium in Mountain View, Calif., Cothern explained that while organizational planning has just begun for the new Systems Deltas, or SYDs, they are expected to mimic the current structure of SSC’s “Acquisition Deltas” for different types of missions. (Deltas are the Space Force equivalent to the Air Force numbered air forces.)

“… [Y]ou’re gonna see a lot of familiarity between those Acquisition Deltas and what will be the
System Deltas as we move forward. And that’s about a level of detail that I’m able to share right now. But there’s a lot of work that’s been going on behind the scenes on on getting us prepared for that,” he said.

SSC’s current organizational charts from July [PDF] show that the various Acquisition Deltas report up to  the command’s five main functional directorates: Space Sensing; Military Communications and Positioning, Navigation and Timing (MilCom & PNT); Space Domain Awareness and Combat Power; Battle Management, Command,…

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