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DALLAS — Southwest Airlines (WN) has confirmed that it will commence overnight flights in the future, the first of which will be between US mainland destinations and Hawaii.

The largest low-cost giant in the US announced at the Airline Routes conference in Bogota, Colombia, that it has no official date for the launch of these flights. However, the company’s Chief Commercial Officer, Ryan Green, hopes to see these flights taking off within the next two years. He also confirmed that the first plan would be from Las Vegas to Hawaii, a flight currently taking around six hours to complete.

The US Low-cost carrier announced that its first overnight flight will occur between Las Vegas and Hawaii. Pictured is the carrier’s Hawaii state livery, “Imua One.” Photo: Alex Schraff/Airways.

Boeing 737 MAX Red-eyes

According to Cirium Data, the Dallas-headquartered airline operated over 100,000 flights in February, so a move like this would make sense for them. Red-eye flights can often benefit their operators, as they use aircraft that would otherwise be sitting on the ground. Equally, they cater to a certain level of demand, allowing passengers to leave their departure destinations after the working day and arrive before the morning.

Before the mid-2010s, the carrier could not do so due to inefficient operating systems that were only equipped to handle daytime flights. However, after installing a new system, WN had the facilities to commence overnight operations for the first time in its 57-year-long history.

WN’s newer Boeing Aircraft, the 737 MAX fleet, would likely operate these routes. This is due to its extended capacity and range, making it perfect for the airline to operate on such flights. However, with passengers often requiring greater comfort on longer or red-eye flights, it potentially poses the challenge of reshaping WN’s product to adapt to such demand.

Featured Image: Rohan Ramalingam/Airways

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