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DALLAS — Southwest Airlines (WN) has announced that the majority of its pilots, who are members of the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association (SWAPA), have approved a new collective bargaining agreement. The contract ratification follows a tentative agreement signed last December, wherein WN pilots were set to get an almost 50% pay raise in a five-year contractual agreement worth US$12 billion.

The newly approved agreement covers nearly 11,000 WN Pilots and offers them industry-leading compensation, modified scheduling practices, and quality-of-life improvements. These enhancements include paid maternity and parental leave, with the possibility of additional extended bonding leave. Furthermore, the agreement ensures that WN maintains its operational advantages, including a new process for recovering the Pilot network if necessary.

“Our Pilots are world-class aviators who uphold Southwest’s commitments to Safety, Hospitality, and connecting People to what’s important in their lives,” said Adam Carlisle, Vice President Labor Relations at Southwest Airlines. “This agreement justly rewards our Pilots and supports our operational needs.” Carlisle added that the agreement fairly rewards the pilots and supports the operational needs of the newly approved contract.

Southwest noted that, since October 2022, it has ratified new agreements with nine union-represented workgroups. These workgroups include Appearance Technicians, Customer Service Agents, Customer Representatives, Source of Support Representatives, Dispatchers, Facilities Maintenance Technicians, Flight Instructors, Material Specialists, Mechanics and Related Employees, and Meteorologists.

The airline says it is currently engaged in negotiations with two other union-represented workgroups and is committed to reaching agreements that recognize and reward the contributions of its employees.

Featured image: Southwest Airlines pilots. Photo: Southwest Airlines.

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