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DALLAS — Boeing and Southwest Airlines (WN) have announced that the Dallas-based airline is increasing its commitment to the 737 MAX family by ordering 108 737-7s. This order supports WN’s modernization strategy and provides flexibility for future fleet expansion.

As per the airline’s just-released third-quarter results, it has revised its plans for aircraft deliveries and retirements in 2023. It now intends to receive around 85 Boeing 737-8 aircraft and retire 41 Boeing 737-700 aircraft. Despite these changes, WN still aims to end the year with a total of 814 aircraft. This marks an adjustment from its previous plan, which involved approximately 70 Boeing 737-8 deliveries and 26 737-700 retirements.

In the third quarter of 2023, the operating revenues of the company reached a record high of US$6.5 billion, representing a 4.9% increase compared to the same quarter of the previous year. However, in the third quarter of 2023, RASM (Revenue per Available Seat Mile) decreased by 6.8% year-over-year, which falls towards the lower end of the carrier’s previous guidance range. This decrease can be attributed to lower-than-expected close-in bookings.

N8886C, Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-8 MAX @KBFI. Photo: Michael Rodeback/Airways.

Southwest and the Boeing 737 MAX

Southwest has a long history with Boeing, dating back over 50 years, and recognizes the efficiencies and cost savings of a single fleet. The 737 family has played a crucial role in Southwest’s growth, and the airline has already placed over 300 orders for the 737-7, bringing its total orderbook to more than 500 737 MAX jets. Once certified, the 737-7 will join the WN all-Boeing 737 fleet.

The Boeing 737-7 offers the longest range in its class, capable of flying up to 3,800 nautical miles and accommodating up to 172 passengers. In addition to its range, the 737 MAX family provides enhanced environmental performance, allowing carriers to reduce fuel consumption compared to…

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