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Sivers Semiconductors and Thorium Space set to enhance satellite capabilities. By Robert Schreiber Kista, Sweden (SPX) Feb 02, 2024. 

Sivers Semiconductors AB (STO: SIVE) has announced an expansion in its partnership with Thorium Space S.A., marking a significant advancement in satellite communication technology. This second phase of their chipset agreement, valued at approximately USD 2.9 million (30 MSEK), aims to further the development and validation of chipsets initiated in the first phase.

This step is crucial for future large-scale manufacturing and underscores the deepening collaboration between the two entities. Sivers Semiconductors anticipates recognizing revenue up to USD $2.1 million from this contract in 2024, indicating a strong financial outlook for the partnership.

The expanded agreement between Sivers Wireless, a business unit of Sivers Semiconductors, and Thorium Space, a leader in satellite communication systems from Poland, represents a pivotal move towards enhancing satellite operations. Thorium Space is gearing up for its ambitious space deployment, with these advanced chipsets playing a vital role in their strategy.

Thorium Space has recently made headlines with its collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA) on the HummingSAT project. This project aims to revolutionize telecommunications satellites for geostationary orbit (GEO), showcasing Thorium’s capability in developing digitally-defined payloads. The support from ESA, with substantial funding of euro 8 million for the initial phase and an additional euro 25 million for the subsequent phases, underscores the project’s significance and Thorium’s innovative approach to satellite communications.

Sivers Semiconductors brings to the table its advanced Ka-band technology, renowned for electronic beam steering capabilities. This technology is pivotal for efficient satellite communications, offering significant advantages over traditional mechanically steered…

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