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Are you ready for MOSAIC? Let’s be crystal clear. You have no time left to comment on the FAA’s proposed rule. However, we won’t see MOSAIC LSA for many months yet. In this article, we look at G750, a 2+2 seat MOSAIC LSA candidate.

MOSAIC as a completed regulation is still 16 months away, according to the FAA’s oft-repeated statements about how long it needs after comments have closed. The agency has a lot of work remaining on this proposed regulation.

After a group of maintenance organizations asked for more time, the FAA extended the comment period to January 22. After that, the FAA begins huddling internally to review all comments and make other changes.

Besides the FAA, ASTM’s LSA committee also has its hands full creating industry consensus standards needed to allow acceptance of these airplanes. If you have any capacity or interest to help, they’d love you to join them. You do not need to be an engineer or technical expert.

Many LSA producers are hustling hard to develop existing models into larger, more capable mLSA designs. A few brands are already flying, and I have reported on several of these.

Go Get Some Air

This Slovenian GoGetAir G750 design is a new-to-the U.S. aircraft, though it has a decade of history in Europe.

GoGetAir’s G750 evolved from an aircraft I had seen earlier in Europe called One. A stylish design, One used a sports car approach, with two rear seats of limited carrying capacity. One Aircraft was designed by Iztok Šalamon after he founded that company in 2014. One Aircraft shut down operations in 2019 when GoGetAir was established.

Today, GoGetAir and its G750 are today the product of Ania and Iztok Šalamo. [GoGetAir]

“We took the things that we love and we have built on them,” noted the Šalamos. “The result is the innovative GoGetAir line of aircraft. In order to achieve the best possible comfort for the pilot during G750’s nine-hour endurance, the aircraft is equipped with adjustable rudder…

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