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Scientists have managed to use a unique methodology to confirm that life does, in fact, exist on Earth, as noted in a new study.

The researchers behind this study never doubted that life exists on Earth to begin with. Rather, the study was an attempt to prove that their method for determining such works and that the planned LIFE (Large Interferometer for Exoplanets) space mission can succeed.

The findings of this study were published in the peer-reviewed academic periodical The Astrophysical Journal.

Is there life on Earth? Yes. Now we need to find it in space

Finding life in the vast reaches of space is very hard. Scientists have long pondered just what exactly it is that allows life to form and what can make a given planet habitable.

A vast array of parameters have been considered, but so far, we have yet to find a single trace of life in the wider universe.

Exoplanet K2-18b. (credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Traditionally, when faced with quandaries like this, scientists would try to use a case study to better understand the subject in question. But in the case of finding life, Earth is literally the only place in the universe known to be inhabited by living beings.

So with that in mind, the researchers behind this study from the Institute of Particle Physics and Astrophysics at ETH Zurich sought to use methods to see, if they were a hypothetical alien species far away in space, how they would see the Earth.

The idea was to use real data, not anything simulated, in order to get the best results.

The way the researchers hope to study exoplanets for life is by using a series of five satellites near NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, forming an even larger telescope that can study the infrared thermal radiation of other planets. What that means is they want to see the spectrum of light that reflects on a planet, since the frequency of its wavelengths can change depending on the planet’s atmosphere and composition.

The hope is that by doing so, they can…

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