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DALLAS — Today, Saudia (SV), the national airline of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, unveiled a new brand and identity during an extravagant event in Jeddah. The announcement included updates to the airline’s logo, aircraft design, cuisine, uniforms, and more.

As part of SV’s digital transformation, the airline is embracing innovative technologies like artificial intelligence to enhance the customer experience both on and off SV flights.

Interestingly, despite their focus on future technologies, Saudia has decided to bring back the iconic three-striped 1970s design in a retro style for their logo and aircraft livery. The light-yellow shade has been moved to the background, making way for the vibrant and recognizable Saudi green color.

Ibrahim Al-Omar, the Director General of Saudia, expressed the significance of the airline’s name and logo, highlighting their connection to the Kingdom’s aviation history and development. He also emphasized the emotional bond that people have with the brand. The new identity incorporates this rich heritage while incorporating elements that showcase the airline’s “visionary approach, poised to captivate the world.”.

A Saudia Boeing 747-300 at Heathrow Airport (LHR) in 1995, wearing the predecessor of the new livery. Photo: Tim Rees, CC BY 4.0, Wikimedia Commons.

Saudia’s 1970s Livery

Starting today, SV has bid farewell to the light-golden aircraft scheme that was introduced in the 2000s. This livery deviated from the main color that customers immediately associate with their home country: green.

However, the new livery marks the return of the iconic 1970s colors, where the green shade takes center stage on the aircraft’s fuselage, engines, and tail. The green is accompanied by light and dark blue stripes, as well as black titles in a retro style. While the design has undergone minimal modifications to comply with current standards and airframe requirements, it pays homage to the carrier’s…

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