Ryanair Counts For A Third Of Boeing’s July 2021 Deliveries

Ryanair accounted for roughly 1/3 of Boeing’s total aircraft output for July 2021. The airline took delivery of nine out of 28 aircraft delivered by the US aerospace giant during the month. With deliveries of the Boeing 787 still at a standstill, the manufacturer failed to compete with rival Airbus, who shipped 47 aircraft during the month.

The 737 MAX made up the bulk of Boeing deliveries during July. Photo: Getty Images

Boeing’s fortunes seem to have essentially turned around since the Boeing 737 MAX was recertified by the FAA late last year. The manufacturer can finally start clearing its backlog of aircraft, and deliveries have been taking place at a steady pace.

28 aircraft delivered during July

Boeing delivered 28 aircraft in July, equating to almost one aircraft a day. Unsurprisingly, most of the aircraft delivered were passenger aircraft from the Boeing 737 MAX family. The remaining six aircraft were delivered to non-passenger carriers.

As mentioned, Ryanair took the bulk of 737 MAX deliveries. According to data from ch-aviation.com, Ryanair Group subsidiary Malta Air took five Boeing 737 MAX 200 aircraft, while the main Ryanair brand took delivery of a further four models.

Ryanair and Malta Air took a third of all deliveries during the month. Photo: Ryanair

Nine additional aircraft were delivered to three leasing companies. Confusingly 777 Partners took three 737 MAX planes, as did Air Lease Corporation. ICBC Leasing took two planes, while CDB aviation took a further aircraft. Aeromexico and Fiji Airways each took one 737 MAX, while flydubai took two. Interestingly, six of the 737 MAXs delivered were over one year old, two were over two years old, and one of Ryanair’s deliveries was over three years old.

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As far as non-max deliveries go, each of the remaining six aircraft was delivered to a non-passenger carrier. One Boeing 737-800A was given to the UK military. The USAF Tanker Program took a Boeing 767-2C, while FedEx took three Boeing 767-300F planes.

Finally, the manufacturer did manage one Boeing 747-8F delivery during the month. This went to UPS, meaning that only nine new Boeing 747s are due to be delivered. Five more will go to UPS, while Atlas Air will take four more while having the honor of taking the last aircraft to be delivered from the 747 program.

The Dreamliner is absent

So far, Boeing 787 Dreamliner deliveries have been nothing to write home about. No aircraft were delivered from October to February as Boeing battled to solve an issue with the type. Deliveries finally got underway again in April, with eight -9s delivered and a single -8.

Boeing 787 deliveries have unfortunately hit another road bump. Photo: Vincenzo Pace – Simple Flying

However, the Dreamliner delivery ramp-up wasn’t to last. In May, Boeing delivered just one of each type mentioned above. In June, this dropped to a single -9 aircraft. Zero Boeing 787 aircraft were delivered in the entirety of July as the American manufacturer looks to solve another issue with the aircraft before delivery. This all means that some customers such as British Airways haven’t taken delivery of a Boeing 787 in over a year.

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