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The recently founded Monarch Airlines, which set out to continue the legacy of the now-bankrupt airline of the same name, took to social media to invite followers to cast their vote on its next livery.

The renewed airline announced the vote on several social media channels, including X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram via stories.

As shown by the two visuals, the airline is asking followers to choose between two all-white fuselages with either a dark purple or yellow finish. Both liveries feature the same engine cowling (dark purple) and a yellow wingtip fence.

At the time of publication, users on both social media sites voted considerably in favor of the yellow-finish livery, an ode to the livery of the former Monarch Airlines, which went bankrupt in 2017.

However, there are considerable differences between the two liveries, including a sweeping purple line spreading from the front to the aft fuselage on the aircraft of the prior iteration of the airline.

A few days earlier, the new Monarch Airlines unveiled its livery, which features an all-white fuselage with a dark purple tail and engine cowlings.

“We’re celebrating a new Monarch; both on the ground, and in the air,” the carrier said in a post on X published on August 29, 2023.

Jake Johnson founded the company with the Monarch Airlines name in January 2023, according to the United Kingdom’s (UK) Companies House.

On August 18, 2023, Johnson was removed from his position as a director at the airline and was replaced by Daniel Ellingham. A day later, Karolina Cherney was appointed as a secretary of the company.

Monarch Airlines has not filed any other filings with the UK Companies House since.

The airline noted on its website that it plans to return to the skies in summer 2024, “depending on regulatory permits”. Furthermore, the company clarified that while the original iteration of Monarch Airlines “did enter administration in…

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