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A preliminary report has been published into the incident on February 22, 2024, involving a Marathon Airlines Embraer ERJ-195 operating on behalf of Air Serbia.  The aircraft (registered OY-GDC) was operating a scheduled passenger service (flight number JU324) from Belgrade (BEG) to Dusseldorf (DUS) with 106 passengers and crew onboard.

The aircraft had lined up runway 30L at taxiway D5, which has a takeoff run available (TORA) of 4,135 ft (1,273m). The flight began its takeoff roll at 17:38 and subsequently overran the end of the runway before becoming airborne.

Following a collision with the approach lights and ILS antenna of opposing runway 12R, the aircraft became airborne about 1,650 ft (500m) past the runway end. The plane climbed through a height of 50 feet (15m) about 6,700 feet (2,050m) past the runway end and stopped its climb at 4,000 feet (1,219m).

The crew then elected to burn off fuel and return to Belgrade for a landing on runway 30L where the aircraft landed without further incident about 55 minutes after departure. While there were no injuries, the aircraft sustained substantial damage. Additionally, following the incident, the Instrument Landing System of runway 12R was downgraded from CATIII to CATI.

Investigation findings

According to air traffic control (ATC) recordings of the incident, the aircraft was cleared to line up runway 30L at intersection D6. However, the aircraft entered the runway at intersection D5. ATC queried the crew and cleared the aircraft to backtrack the runway to D6. The crew, however, replied they were able to depart from D5.

The aircraft subsequently was cleared to take off and began its takeoff run. Controllers in the tower subsequently observed the aircraft…

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