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The results of the airstrikes last night in the Gaza Strip. (Photo: Reuters)Gaza is under siege with an interruption of electricity, gas, water and food supplies, as Israel declares state of war for the first time since the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Here’s a mega-recap about the first two days of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Since the beginning of the massive surprise attack on Israel by Palestinian militant movement Hamas in the morning on Oct. 7, 2023, news from the area is continuing to flood the media. Adding to the confusion caused by the “fog of war” and the reports by a myriad of sources, fake news and disinformation are also spreading, much like happened in Ukraine, videos that have nothing to do with Gaza or Israel, old videos from past attacks passed as recent ones and even videogames’ videos passed as real combat footage.

With the situation constantly evolving minute by minute, let’s try to do a recap of what happened in the past 48 hours and what is likely to come.

The initial attack

In the morning on Oct. 7, 2023, Hamas launched what has been dubbed as Operation Al-Aqsa Storm, with approximately 2,200 rockets launched from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory while a number of terrorists infiltrated into Israeli territory in southern Israel. Multiple explosions were heard over Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and in southern Israel, either by rockets strikes and Iron Dome’s interceptions.

One of the first objectives was the Supernova music festival not far from the borders. The result was a bloodshed, with more than 260 bodies recovered from the site and many still unaccounted for or kidnapped. Another primary target was the Israeli Army’s southern Gaza headquarters, whose communications were jammed, cutting it off from the rest of the IDF.

Mapping and timing the atrocities at the Nova Festival near Rei’m on Saturday morning (long thread).

Working with new drone footage, multiple sets of satellite imagery, and videos, it was possible to…

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