RAF And RCAF Pilots Have Completed The Lead In to Fighter Training At IFTS in Italy | Aviation

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Credit: The flight line of the IFTS at Decimomannu.

Pilots from the Royal Air Force and Royal Canadian Air Force have completed the LIFT (Lead In to Fighter Training) course at the International Flight Training School (IFTS) in Decimomannu, Italy.

The first cadre of RAF and RCAF pilots trained in Italy at the International Flight Training School at Decimomannu air base have completed the LIFT course, the most advanced phase of the pilot training, that the Italian Air Force/Leonardo IFTS provides using the T-346A advanced training aircraft and its integrated training system at the campus built in Decimomannu Airbase (or “Deci”), in Sardinia, Italy.

Started in July 2023 the LIFT course was completed one month ahead of schedule. During the training students conducted real and synthetic training missions, training under the widely adopted “train as you fight” concept, to better prepare them for operational units. Today’s fighter pilots need to have first order management skills as right now the superiority against adversaries is obtained in the information domain, the fusion of the info from multiple domains and the reaction time. The modern LIFT training highly reflects these needs.

The T-346 can provide adequate training for 5th generation aircraft with most equipment that can be found on modern frontline fighter aircraft such as Voice Control Inputs (VCI), Helmet Mounted Display (HMD), and even an NVG module for the HMD allowing for night operations training.

The syllabus developed for the Phase 4 heavily exploits the ground training segment of the M-346 to build these capabilities, with the live flights being the last step of the training and amounting to roughly 50% of the training events. The simulator training is so realistic that can be counted as real flight hours, without losing training effectiveness…

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