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F 16 Ukrainian Pilot.jpeg

Ukrainian pilot trained in UK. (Image credit: RAF/Crown Copyright)

The first 10 Ukrainian pilots have completed Elementary Flying Training with the RAF.

The first Ukrainian Air Force pilots trained by Royal Air Force instructors have graduated from flight school, the RAF said in a public statement.

“The 10 pilots received basic flying, ground school and language training in the UK and will one day form the first line of defence in protecting Ukraine’s skies from Putin’s forces.”

“This effort is a key UK contribution to the Air Capability Coalition, co-led by the United States, Denmark and the Netherlands, which is helping build an air force consisting of modern fighter jets to form the cornerstone of Ukraine’s armed forces. The capability coalitions were established last year to provide a long-term commitment to supporting Ukraine’s armed forces, with the UK co-leading the maritime and drone coalitions.”

“As part of their training, the pilots were taught general aircraft handling, flying by the aircraft’s instruments, low level navigation and advanced formation flying by experienced RAF instructors. They also received English language training to assist in their training and to boost interoperability with NATO air forces – with English the standardised international flight language.”

“Having worked closely with the French Air Force to align our training programmes, the pilots will now continue to France to conduct advanced flight training before they progress to training on the F-16 aircraft itself.”

This group of pilot should belong to the cadre of junior students…

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