‘Portugal Has Already Begun Transition To The F-35’ Portuguese Air Force Chief Says | Aviation

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An F-35A taxiing (Image credit: LM)

The Portuguese Air Force will eventually replace the F-16s with the F-35.

In a long interview with Portuguese newspaper Diário de Notícias published on Apr. 12, 2024, the Portuguese Air Force Chief of Staff, General João Cartaxo Alves, provided some interesting details about the plan of the Força Aérea Portuguesa to replace the F-16 with the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II aircraft.

Gen. Cartaxo Alves stated that the decision is aimed at keeping in line with the majority of European allies who have already begun transitioning to the F-35, as part of their strategic efforts.

The significant update about the 5th generation aircraft came as the PoAF Chief of Staff responded to various questions including some about the training of the Ukrainian pilots to prepare them for the F-16:

Question: Any progress in the process of helping to train Ukrainian pilots for F-16s?

Yes. It was a process that began in July last year. We immediately made available an instructor pilot, several maintenance technicians and some mission planning instructors.

But the situation was evolving in November last year, two training centers were created for Ukrainian pilots. One in Denmark…

Source theaviationist.com

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