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Radom 2023 was the first airshow appearance of a Polish FA-50 (All images credit: Author)

Poland’s Prime Aviation Event – Beast of an Air Show

Last weekend we attended the Radom Air Show in Poland. This biannual event organized at the Warsaw-Radom airport is considered the most reputable Polish international air show, with the Polish Air Force responsible for making it happen. The show is an important event on the European air show map, and in times like these – with the full-scale war in Ukraine raging on – it could have become an arena for NATO to flex its muscles on its Eastern Flank. Did it?

The show also provided an opportunity for the Polish MoD to showcase its latest procurement efforts in the area of the air domain, and also – land domain. The latter came in the form of the K239 Chunmoo, K2 MBT, Abrams MBT, or the M142 HIMARS systems presented in the static display. However, some of the latest Polish Armed Forces’ acquisitions were also showcased in the air.

The Polish Air Force highlights included a parade, showcasing all of the service’s inventory (64 aircraft in total!), ranging from the Air Force Academy basic training assets (such as the R44 helicopters, or  Diamond DA42s, M-346), through the fighter backbone (F-16, MiG-29, Su-22), VIP transport assets (B737, Gulfstream G550), helicopters (Mi-17, Black Hawk), to finish with the latest acquisition that the Polish Air Force made – the KAI FA-50. Despite the FA-50’s presence in Radom, the jets were still flown by South Korean pilots, with the Polish pilots in the back seat. It seems that the training process for the FA-50 to be fully adopted is still going to take some time.

Notably, this was the first airshow appearance of a Polish FA-50. The MiG-29s of the Polish Air Force are still in operation, not all of the airframes have been handed over to Ukraine.

The dynamic display portion of the show was quite rich, with virtually all of the European solos appearing in the skies over…

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