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Polish Border Guard L-410 spotted on the night of August 3 near border (screenshot via ADSBexchange.com with author’s annotations)

Polish Border Guard light patrol aircraft spotted flying close to the border with Belarus for two consecutive days after Belarusian helicopters intrusion.

With recent tensions between Poland and Belarus rising as a consequence of the alleged intrusion of two Belarusian helicopters into the Polish airspace, a Polish Border Guard L-410 Turbolet has been spotted flying near the Polish-Belarusian border over the past few days. SN-61YG (#193301, previously SP-VST) is one of two Turbolets operated by the Polish Border Guard (Straż Graniczna – SG)

On Jul. 27, 2023 an irregular flight of the aircraft was noted approaching the border south of Białystok was first noted. The aircraft was first seen approaching the border and turning its transponder off for roughly two hours until reappearing headed northwest back to its base in Gdańsk. This was initially assumed to be a mere transponder error and was promptly disregarded.

However, it isn’t until recently that the aircraft’s movement was noted to be attention worthy. The Turbolet was spotted again on August 2 at around 22:16 local time approaching the Belarus border again. Once more, it took over two hours before appearing back on ADSBExchange.com headed back to its base.

Last night on August 3, the aircraft subsequently went on the same mission, going dark between 22:24 to 00:47 local time. The near identical mission profile executed on two consecutive days is noteworthy as the aircraft is operated under the Central Government Agency rather than a branch of the Military Air Arms.

The aircraft in question

The aircraft involved in the surveillance…

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