Pilot’s Bizarre Encounter With 30-Foot-Tall Triangular UFO Prompts Aviation Safety Concerns | UAP

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A baffling incident unfolded in the skies above Frederick County, Maryland, last month as a private pilot reported a mid-air encounter with a 30-foot-tall triangular UFO, newly released audio recordings reveal.

The pilot, flying a Piper Cherokee Arrow (P28R), registration N30024, was flying from Allegheny County Airport in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Frederick Municipal Airport in Maryland at the time of the incident, which occurred on December 20, 2023.

Approximately 50 miles northwest of his destination, the pilot contacted air traffic controllers (ATC) to report sighting an object he described as appearing to be “approximately 30 feet tall” as it passed him flying “at about 6500-6800 feet.”

“Not sure what it is,” the pilot can be heard saying in an audio recording of the incident uploaded to the YouTube channel You Can See ATC, which specializes in reconstructions of non-standard and emergency situations that occur in flight.

“It was 30 feet tall?” an obviously perplexed ATC operator can be heard replying.

“It was pretty tall, probably about 30 feet tall,” the pilot confirms. “It was going opposite direction of us.”

Asked if the object was moving at a fast pace, the pilot, just prior to entering his descent, also confirmed that the object appeared to be moving quickly as it passed him.

“Arrow to 024, what does the object look like?” the ATC operator can then be heard asking.

“It’s kinda hard to describe,” the pilot responds. “It was just, uh, tall and, uh, pointy.”

“Like a triangle?” the ATC operator then asks.

“It was in the shape of a triangle. It was bottom and flat on top. I’m not sure what it is.” Intriguingly, the pilot then adds, “[I] do have a picture of it,” clarifying that there “did not appear to be any danger” resulting from the appearance of the unusual flying triangle.

“It was pretty far away from us. Just noticeable enough for caution to other aircraft,” the…

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