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James Gilliland:
People of Earth 11-11 message
At Eceti, we have had contact with benevolent spiritually and technologically advanced off world visitors well documented for over 37 years. Personally it has been a lifetime. I asked if these beautiful beings have a message for humanity at these times.

11 11 Message
We are a consortium of councils that have watched over Earth since it was birthed from your Sun as a hot gaseous ball of energy finding a cradle orbit then cooling and gathering water and mass from the stars. This formed what you refer to as your crust. It has been a seven and one half billion year process. Once inhabitable there were many attempts to colonize Earth. Eventually there were several types of humans developing naturally during these colonizations. These colonies go back over 600 million years remnants of which have been found and censored. The great stone monuments attest to this. Cave art, hieroglyphs, and petroglyphs depicting what you call flying saucers were exactly what the artists were seeing.

We have watched colonies and civilizations come and go. It is time you knew your real history so as not to repeat the past. There is a common recurring event that preceded the end of these civilizations. A division occurred between those who lived according to Universal Law and those who chose self-service acting against Universal Law. There were those who lived in service to the Creator within all Creation and those who exploited others and the planet for power over others, wealth and fame. There were also those who came to the Earth for the sole reason to exploit the people and the resources. This exploitation on the lowest levels included using humanity as a food source. Those that did this were completely disconnected from the God within them. In fact, some hated humanity and nature because both stood as a testimony to the One God. These degenerate beings were very clever and manipulated much of humanity to do their…

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