Pentagon’s ‘uncoordinated’ UAP tracking risks security: Watchdog | Space

(NewsNation) — The Defense Department has an uncoordinated approach to reporting, identifying and analyzing unidentified anomalous phenomena that may pose a risk to national security, the Pentagon’s inspector general concluded in an unclassified report released Thursday.

The agency’s internal watchdog had been evaluating the Defense Department’s actions relating to reports of unidentified anomalous phenomena, or UAP, more commonly referred to as UFOs.

After an investigation, the IG found the Defense Department has “varying processes” for collecting, analyzing and identifying UAP that may put military assets and troops at risk.

The report lends credence to allegations by whistleblower David Grusch and others through the years that information about UAPs is siloed within various agencies, which might explain how an alleged secret UAP recovery program — if it exists — would be maintaining its secrecy.

The report was originally released last August but contained classified sections.

“Given the significant public interest in how the DoD is addressing UAPs, we are releasing this unclassified summary to be as transparent as possible with the American people about our oversight work on this important issue,” Inspector General Robert P. Storch said in a statement.

Storch’s investigation found the Defense Department has no overarching UAP policy for military services, defense agencies and counterintelligence organizations.

“As a result, [the office of the inspector general] lacks assurance that national security and flight safety threats to the United States from UAP have been identified and mitigated,” the statement read.

The inspector general issued 11 recommendations in the report, including the creation of a uniform UAP policy in…

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