Peach Sells Unlimited Japanese Flight Pass For Just $173

Peach Aviation, the low-cost arm of ANA, has launched an all-you-can-fly travel pass for domestic Japanese flights, valid throughout the whole of November. Starting tomorrow, 150 unlimited passes will go on sale, starting at 19,800 yen ($173), giving free travel on all 33 domestic routes operated by the airline.

Peach will begin selling its unlimited travel pass tomorrow at midday local time. Photo: Peach

Unlimited flying for a month

Airlines are trying some novel ways to get passengers back into their cabins. From cut price sales to offering vaccinations onboard, carriers are striving to be creative in the ways they reach out to their customers following the pandemic downturn of the past 18 months.

Now, it’s the turn of Japan’s Peach Aviation to pull out all the stops to get passengers flying again. The airline announced last week that it would be putting on sale a total of 150 unlimited flight passes, valid on all of its 33 domestic routes, with prices starting at the equivalent of $173.

For that price, passengers can expect to book on Peach’s lowest ‘Lite’ tier, which does not have any checked bags or seat selection. In addition, only 30 tickets will be offered at this 19,800-yen ($173) price. Once they are sold, the price goes up to 29,800 yen ($261).

For those wanting a few more amenities with their pass, the ‘Standard’ tier includes free seat selection and one checked bag. This level of tickets starts at 29,800 yen ($261) but again only for 30 passengers. Once those are sold, the price goes up to 39,800 yen ($348).

The airline is limiting sales to just 150. Photo: Peach

A generous offer?

Peach is not the first airline to offer an unlimited travel pass as a means of boosting demand, but it is one of the most generous offers to date. Not only is it cheap, but it is valid on all domestic routes for an entire month – all of November – with nothing to pay on top. Other passes often have strict limitations on where they can be used, and there are often taxes and fees to pay on top.

Nevertheless, the number of people set to benefit from the pass are relatively limited. Only 150 tickets will go on sale from tomorrow at noon, so there are likely to be plenty of disappointed would-be travelers. To make it up to them, Peach is also giving away 1,000 yen ($8.75) in Peach points to passengers who are “expressing cooperation in preventing the spread of the coronavirus.”

The pass allows the holder to travel on all 33 domestic routes with no additional charges. Photo: Peach

It’s not immediately clear exactly what the requirements of this are… perhaps it’s just the wearing of a mask and willingness to give other passengers space. Or perhaps its vaccine related?

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One more option

For those who just want to get away and miss out on the Peach pass, there is one more novel option for snagging a super cheap flight. Since October, Peach has been giving its customers a chance to win a mystery flight to somewhere in Japan from gachapon vending machines.

The airline has been offering mystery flights via gachapon machines. Photo: Peach

The capsule dispensing machines, popular in Japan and elsewhere around the world, usually have small toys inside the balls, but these Peach branded machines have flight tickets! The catch is, you can’t pick where you go, and could be offered a round trip to any of 12 domestic destinations with Tokyo Haneda as either the origin or destination.

The ticket could be to any one of the 12 destinations included in the promotion. Photo: Peach

The destinations are Sapporo Shin Chitose (CTS), Memanbetsu (MMB), and Kushiro (KUH) in Hokkaido, Kansai International (KIX) in Osaka, Fukuoka (FUK), Nagasaki (NGS), Miyazaki (KMI), Oita (OIT), and Kagoshima (KOG) on the southwest island of Kyushu, and Naha(OKA), New Ishigaki (ISG) and Amami (ASJ) in Okinawa. Machines are located in PARCO in Shibuya and Osaka, with each go costing 5,000 yen ($44).

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