Outstanding Boeing 747 Deliveries Drop To Single Figures

The number of brand new Boeing 747s set to be delivered by the American aerospace giant has fallen to single digits following last month’s 747-8F delivery to UPS. Now, just nine orders for brand new aircraft are outstanding, with the last due to be delivered next year.

Boeing has just nine brand new 747-8s left to deliver. Photo: Getty Images

Next year will be a bad one for double-decker aircraft programs. Airbus is set to deliver its last three A380s to Dubai-based giant Emirates. Its North American rival, Boeing, will also be saying farewell to the giant. The Boeing 747 program will draw to a close after more than half a century and countless aircraft variations.

Nine 747s left to deliver

UPS took delivery of a new Boeing 747 last month, meaning that there are just nine jumbo jets left to be delivered. UPS is set to take five of these aircraft, while Atlas Air will take the last four having placed a surprising order earlier this year. All nine of the aircraft are for the freight version of the 747-8. While the passenger version of the -8 never really gained popularity, cargo operators love the freighter.

According to data from ch-aviation.com, the following aircraft are still to be delivered,

MSN 65774 – UPS – Delivery: August 2021
MSN 65775 – UPS – Delivery: August 2021
MSN 65776 – UPS – Delivery: September 2021
MSN 65777 – UPS – Delivery: December 2021
MSN 65778 – UPS – Delivery: March 2022
MSN 67147 – Atlas Air – Delivery: May 2022
MSN 67148 – Atlas Air – Delivery: July 2022
MSN 67149 – Atlas Air – Delivery: September 2022
MSN 67150 – Atlas Air – Delivery: October 2022

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A tenth aircraft delivery?

There is technically a tenth outstanding Boeing 747-8, according to Boeing’s books, although it isn’t a brand new aircraft. The aircraft in question is a passenger Boeing 747-8 that Lufthansa didn’t take up. Its MSN is 37826, and it is currently registered as N828BA.

Boeing is also due to deliver a ten-year-old passenger 747-8. Photo: Vincenzo Pace – Simple Flying

The jet is already ten years old, having taken its first flight on April 26th, 2011. The aircraft is currently in storage at Victorville in the Mojave Desert. Boeing has found a buyer for the jet, but the details are being kept under wraps.

The end of an era

There’s no doubt about it. The end of the Boeing 747 program is undoubtedly the end of an era. The Boeing 747 first flew over 52 years ago, in 1969. Thousands of the jet have been built, and it has gone on to become an icon of the aviation industry. Just look at how disappointed many were when they missed out on the chance of a final Boeing 747 flight when many airlines suddenly retired the type without notice last year.

Atlas Air will close the Boeing 747 chapter taking delivery of the last aircraft next year. Photo: Vincenzo Pace – Simple Flying

The good news is that they won’t disappear from the skies any time soon. While falling out of favor with passenger operators, the Queen of the Skies remains a vital part of the cargo industry, and the aircraft yet to be delivered will have a fair tour in the skies before retirement. Even passengers flights are possible, though harder to find, as German flag carrier Lufthansa has committed to its eight remaining 747-400s until 2023 and its 747-8s for even longer.

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