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Our Role in Meeting Cosmic Representatives…
First Contact Scenario!
Exopolitics has been a term used to describe humanity’s eventual, formal, collective, consensual, democratic engagement with representatives from all non-Earth-based cultures and organizations.
Historically the initial engagement has been characterized by a single-sentence request from a newly arrived Visitor as: “Take me to your leader (please).”

If you were presented with such a request, what would you do? What would you say? What would you want to ask? Is it possible for each and every one of us to engage in “Grass-Roots Exo-political Activism?” If so, what methods are available, and which might prove most effective? (Are ETs really waiting for a radio broadcast invitation from SETI?) What can we as individuals do to hasten the day of peaceful open contact between humans and others from across the Cosmos? What can we do to earn the gratitude of sentient life that resides off this planet?

If you choose to attend this lecture, just as I admonish my graduate students: Come prepared not so much to ask questions, as to be asked them. In my experience in over 40 years of (so-called) “higher” education, the best “answers” are more often found inside the most rigorous and challenging “questions,” rather than the other way around. No “answers” will be offered in this lecture. Experiences and the questions they have left me with will be asked and shared.

Dr. Joe Buchman, a renowned advocate for UFO/ET disclosure, twice campaigned for federal office, drawing national attention in 2008 (UT CD1) and 2017 (UT CD3). A key producer and moderator of the 2013 CITIZEN HEARING ON DISCLOSURE in Washington, D.C., he also served on the Congressional Panel. Dr. Buchman, the sole “UFO Researcher” invited to speak at NASA-SETI’s Contact: Cultures of Imagination Conference (2014), holds a BS in Marketing from Indiana University, a Masters of Science in Finance from Purdue University, and a…

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