Origin of Life Mystery May Finally Be on the Brink of a Solution Thanks to Electron Transport Chains.


A recent study aimed at understanding the origin of life looks to ancient electron transport chains for clues about its early evolution, resulting in a combination of approaches that incorporates the best pairing of current methods to date.

By combining these methods, which study Earth’s conditions either before or after life’s emergence, the researchers believe the key to understanding how the otherwise inert matter of the early Earth somehow sprang into action to create life may finally be within our grasp.

Two Methods Attempting to Understand the Origin of Life Have Opposite Approaches

Many research efforts have tried to understand or even replicate the conditions on early Earth that gave rise to the first life forms, but none have found an answer. Still, most of these efforts approach the problem from one of two distinct paths.

The first and most popular method, especially in the early days of this avenue of study, tried to model the various chemical and mineral conditions found on Earth in the first 200 to 700 million years after the planet’s formation, or somewhere between 4.28 billion and 3.77 billion years ago. This “bottom-up” approach is popular because a growing body of evidence seems to indicate that the first, most basic living organisms came to life during this period. Still, this trail has proved particularly challenging, and no reproduction of what researchers often term Earth’s “pre-biotic chemistry” have successfully cooked up life in a lab setting.

The second method involves looking at present-day organisms and trying to go back in time to determine what changed between today and the first billion years of our planet’s existence that led to these early forms of life. This process has led to many theories and avenues of research, especially since the knowledge of Earth’s various species continues to grow with each new discovery.

Still, like the pre-life models, this “top-down” has its…

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