‘Nothing prepares you for the actual moment’: Space.com editor travels from London to Rochester to experience eclipse | Space


Space.com editor travels from London to Rochester to experience eclipse.

People from around the country and around the world are starting to arrive in Rochester for the eclipse.

One woman traveled more than 3,500 miles to get here — and she told News10NBC it wasn’t easy.

“Bit of a rocky journey,” said Daisy Dobrijevic, editor of Space.com.

Dobrijevic hit serious turbulence on her flight from London to New York on Wednesday, and when her flight here was cancelled she hopped on a train.

“So I’m relieved to finally be here now,” she said.

I met Daisy at the Rochester Museum & Science Center. One of her articles in March was titled, “Why I’m going to Rochester NY to see my first solar eclipse.”

Berkeley Brean: “Of all places to go along the path of totality, why come here?”
Daisy Dobrijevic, editor, Space.com: “Why not? They say you can either have a ‘me’ eclipse or a ‘we’ eclipse. You can either experience it on your own with a few people or in a huge crowd. And I knew I wanted a ‘we’ eclipse from the beginning so I want to experience it with as many people as possible. And Rochester, I think, is a fantastic place to come.”

In her article on Rochester, Daisy quoted Visit Rochester, saying up to half a million people could come to the region by Monday. In Rochester, 97% of home rentals are booked. That’s a first — and so is the eclipse for Daisy.

Berkeley Brean: “You’ve never actually seen an eclipse before?”
Daisy Dobrijevic, editor, Space.com: “No. I’ve never even seen a partial solar eclipse.”
Brean: “So what are you anticipating?”
Daisy Dobrijevic, editor Space.com: “I honestly do not know what to expect. I know the science behind it. I know what it would look like. I know what other people have said from previous accounts of seeing eclipses. but I think nothing prepares you for the actual moment of totality and seeing it with your own eyes. … I have no idea what my emotions will be. I’m…

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