Norwegian Startup Flyr To Receive First Boeing 737 In May

Flyr is on course to receive its first Boeing 737 aircraft early next month. The new player in Norwegian aviation has broken good ground in recent weeks and is preparing well ahead of the commencement of its operations this year.

Flyr will have two Boeing 737-800 jets in its fleet by this summer. Photo: Flyr | NTB Kommunikasjon

The right steps

Last month, the carrier successfully raised $70 million in an initial public offering in Oslo. Notably, it is looking the start flying in the middle of this year, and with the arrival of this 737, the company is on course to reach its targets.

According to a statement, the first 737 will arrive in the form of registration LN-FGA. It will fly into Oslo Airport at the beginning of May following Flyr’s signing of two letter of intent (LOI) documents for a pair of 737-800 jets on favorable terms. The second narrowbody will join in June. The airline is also in final negotiations for more planes, with the fleet expected to expand later in the year.

“Additional aircraft will arrive in June, at the same time as pilots and cabin crew are on their way in for training and service courses. The first courses are fully subscribed, and there is a great interest from skilled people with long aviation experience that wants to work for Flyr,” the airline states.

“The company now has 45 employees with solid experience from Norwegian aviation industry and by the end of the year Flyr expect to have about 350 employees.”

The Boeing 737-800 is trusted on operations conducted by numerous major airlines across the globe. Photo: Getty Images

Thinking big

Flyr is keeping an eye on government announcements amid current restrictions on travel due to the global health crisis. Therefore, it will share further details on its program and booking processes after updates on the reopening of the industry. Overall, Tonje W. Frislid, the CEO of the airline affirms that the company will be adapted to the government’s plan.

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Nonetheless, Flyr’s first aircraft will be seen across the skies in larger Norwegian cities and popular destinations across Europe. There are plans for considerable growth following the recovery in the industry with an eventual fleet of up to 30 aircraft.

Flyr’s management team is setting its sights on the likes of Malaga, Alicante, and Nice. Photo: Flyr | NTB Kommunikasjon

The next chapter

Altogether, Flyr will start selling tickets approximately a month before its first service. With the landscape of Norwegian aviation shifting over the last year, the carrier has a good opportunity for a strong breakthrough. In the new climate, there could be a transformation in the market.

Simple Flying reached out to Flyr for further comment on its incoming Boeing 737 aircraft. We will update the article with any further announcements from the company.

What are your thoughts about Flyr’s launch? Are you looking forward to flying with the airline in the future? Also, is the Boeing 737-800 the right choice for the launch? Let us know what you think of the carrier and its plans in the comment section.

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