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NOAA announces the award of a $15.5 million contract to Parsons Corporation of Chantilly, Virginia, for system integration and cloud management services for the Traffic Coordination System for Space (TraCSS). NOAA’s Office of Space Commerce (OSC) is developing TraCSS as a modern, cloud-based IT system that will provide basic space situational awareness (SSA) and space traffic coordination (STC) services to private and civil space operators. Such services are essential for global spaceflight safety and the long-term sustainability of the space environment for commercial, civil, national security and international uses.

As the system integrator, Parsons will develop the software backbone for the operational TraCSS platform, including the SSA data repository (TraCSS-OASIS) and the application layer (TraCSS-SKYLINE). The company will integrate containerized, third-party software components from commercial companies into TraCSS. Following an agile development approach, the company will build the basic infrastructure for the TraCSS system that will allow continuous improvement and evolution to react to changing TraCSS mission needs. The company’s role also encompasses management of cloud services, cybersecurity protection and system administration for TraCSS operations.

“The Biden-Harris Administration and the Department of Commerce are making major strides in the U.S. commercial space industry,” said U.S. Deputy Commerce Secretary Don Graves. “From climate change and medicine manufacturing to space traffic coordination, we are a global leader in the space industry. This $15.5 million TraCSS investment is essential to the continued safe operation of space operators that are crucial for navigation systems, weather forecasting and global communications that the American people rely on.”

“NOAA has decades of experience fielding operational, public safety systems that issue hazard alerts to protect lives and property,” said NOAA Administrator Rick…

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