Nitro Express: World’s Most Expensive Bullet ($149 a Round? Yes)


What is the most expensive bullet? We asked one expert to explain: If you’re able to jet off to Africa for a big game hunting trip, you probably have the financial means to afford most anything when it comes to outfitting your expedition.

Guns, ammo, kit, expert guides, you name it, price is probably the least you are worried about. But one big game rifle cartridge will set you back. I’m talking about the Holland & Holland .600 or .700 Nitro Express.

Would you be ready to pay $149 a round? That’s what the online price adds up to.

The site has it listed as a “full-metal jacket for a jacketed soft point.” It’s seen as a collector’s round. But what if you want to pick up a Holland & Holland for your next African hunt?

You Rarely See These Types of Rifles

The Holland & Holland Nitro Express is an elephant gun that can cost at least $100,000, and it is one of the most powerful rifles in the world. It’s a side-by-side double rifle like a double-barreled shotgun. You break the action, expose the breach end, and load two rounds.

No More Will Be Made

The Holland & Holland Nitro Express .600 is a collector’s bullet because the London, England-based firm stopped making the cartridge in 1975. They claimed they would never make another, so the price burst higher. In 1985, a collector named William Feldstein wanted four H & H Nitro Express rifles in .600, plus other calibers made especially for him. He went to London to the shop and was ready to throw down whatever it took to get the rifles. The gun maker told him a flat-out no. Feldstein persisted and the decision was bumped all the way up to Holland & Holland’s board of directors. They also said, “not no, but heck no.” H & H wanted to preserve the collector’s appeal of the rifle and the cartridge.

This Shooter Was Serious

Feldstein was undeterred. He asked the company if they could make him a .700 caliber H & H rifle. This caliber… Source

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