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A month after resuming scheduled operations, the Nigerian airline Azman Air has once again halted its flights. Known for its domestic services and Hajj charters, the Nigerian carrier temporarily halted all operations due to ongoing aircraft maintenance issues. The carrier’s troubles have led to the grounding of its fleet, leaving it unable to continue its services. This suspension comes after a series of setbacks, with significant implications for the airline and its employees.

Ch-aviation writes that Azman Air suspended its operations, including domestic flights and Hajj charters to Saudi Arabia, based on ADS-B data. The airline’s A340-600, which had been operating Hajj charters for the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON), conducted its last flight in July. Subsequently, Azman Air’s domestic schedules were suspended in June, with the last recorded flight occurring between Abuja and Kano.

Reports suggest that the airline’s maintenance issues have led to an unexpected delay, forcing them to send the majority of their staff on unpaid leave on August 1. A memo from the Human Resources Manager explained that the decision was due to extended maintenance timelines. It also stated that only eight senior staff members are exempt from unpaid leave. The memo stated that Azman Air’s domestic operations were on hold due to the necessary aircraft C-checks, with completion dates pushed back.

This is not the first time Azman Air has faced operational challenges. In March 2021, the airline suspended all of its flight services to review safety and regulatory compliance. The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority’s (NCAA) involvement aimed to identify the causes of previous incidents and recommend solutions.

These aircraft are currently undergoing C-checks at various Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) facilities. The process has taken longer than initially anticipated, causing the airline to take the drastic step…

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