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Chatter surrounding UFOs has never been more prevalent, with even those on Capitol Hill hosting a buzzworthy hearing on the matter late last month. Roku‘s also getting in on the craze, releasing a new docuseries titled UFO Cowboys at arguably just the right time. An eight-part series, The Roku Channel Original features a group called the Cowboy Sky Watchers, a group of ranchers in the American Southwest that investigate UFO sightings and other paranormal happenings.

“From the producers of the long-running hit Mountain Monsters, UFO Cowboys follows a group of ranchers, known as the Cowboy Sky Watchers, as they investigate paranormal happenings along the 37th Parallel,” Roku’s synopsis for the show reads. “Known as ‘UFO Superhighway,’ this area is legendary for many UFO sightings and disturbances, with more supernatural and extraterrestrial sightings in the American West than anywhere else in the United States.  Using ancient tracking techniques and modern technology, this team expertly investigates mysterious activity throughout the ranches and farms of the American West.

Suffice it to say, those on social media are loving the series, with some even comparing it to Netflix’s viral sensation Tiger King. Keep scrolling to see what people are saying!

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UAP stands for “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” while UFO stands for “Unidentified Flying Object”. Many experts in the field found UFO was being ridiculed and reports were not being taken seriously. It’s thought UAP is a more professional term and it’s becoming increasingly more common as the US begins to seriously discuss UFO/UAP sightings.

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