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A new flight experience tailored towards dogs who fly with their human owners is set to start operating later this year.

BARK Air is the brainchild of dog-lovers’ omnichannel ‘Bark’, which resolved to get serious about making air travel easier for man’s best friend.

The dog-friendly flights will take off for the first time on May 23, 2024, through a partnership with a jet charter company.

The first flights will depart from Westchester County Airport (HPN) in the New York City metro area with operations to Los Angeles area via Van Nuys Airport (VNY) and the United Kingdom via London-Stansted Airport (STN).

The dog-centric company argues that travelling with pets can be difficult and stressful for the animal, and that another option needs to be available.

Not all dogs are small enough to be stored in a carrier under the seat in front and many owners simply don’t like the thought of their beloved pet traveling in cargo.

“We are excited to take the insights we’ve learned over the years to create an experience that is truly dog-first, which is drastically different from just accepting dogs – from the ground to the skies,” said Matt Meeker, Co-Founder and CEO at BARK. “We believe this initiative will elevate awareness of our brand’s mission and values, introduce more dog lovers to the BARK family, and help enrich the lives of dogs and their people around the world.”

Dogs and their companions will be asked to arrive at the airport around an hour before their flight, where they will be met by BARK Air concierge to ensure all passengers, whether human or canine, are fit and healthy to fly.

Once onboard, dogs will receive a…

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