New Advanced Travel Pod Designed For the F-35A Delivered To Eielson AFB | Aviation

F 35 Travel Pod.jpg

A composite image showing the Advanced Travel Pod of the F-35 (Image credit: The Aviationist, using KIHOMAC and USAF images)

The MXU-1072/A 5th generation travel pod is carried inside the F-35A Lightning II’s weapons bays.

A travel pod is usually an external fuel tank or canister, that has been adapted with an external door and internal shelves equipped with tie-downs, enabling the transportation of baggage. This setup is commonly used to carry various items during XC (Cross Country) missions or deployments, when aircrews need to accommodate a few small overnight bags as well as other stuff (like, for instance, squadron swag to be sold at airshows).

While previous generation aircraft carry the travel pod on one of the external stations, the F-35 has been equipped with an internal “5th generation pod”, also known as the Advanced Travel Pod (ATP).

At least one of the first ATPs ordered by the U.S. Air Force for the F-35A Lighting II fleet has been delivered to Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska, the base announced with a post on Facebook on Apr. 28, 2024.

“The 356th Fighter Squadron have helped unveil a new Advanced Travel Pod designed for the F-35A Lightning II at Eielson”, says the FB post. “The ATP is a 5th generation travel pod meant to succeed the legacy models and fit the needs of the Air Force’s Agile Combat Employment structure”.

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