NASA’s Scout System Just Predicted an Asteroid Impact. Here’s What That Means for Planetary Defense. | UAP

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Welcome to this week’s installment of The Intelligence Brief… recently, NASA’s Scout impact assessment system succeeded in calculating the trajectory of an asteroid that entered Earth’s atmosphere over Germany. In our analysis this week, we’ll be looking at 1) how NASA made the detection, and what we know about the circumstances surrounding the incident, 2) details about the Scout system, and how it works, and 3) rapid response and mitigation strategies for future potentially deadly asteroid events.

Quote of the Week

“If the dinosaurs had a space program, they would not be extinct.”

– Carl Sagan

Latest News: In recent coverage from The Debrief, the UK Ministry of Defense has announced the first successful downing of an aerial threat using its DragonFire combat laser system. Speaking of lasers, NASA also recently revealed that a laser beam was fired from its Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) at a spacecraft on the Moon’s surface. We reveal the reason why, and much more. You’ll find links to all our recent stories and other items at the end of this newsletter. 

Podcasts: In podcasts from The Debrief, on The Debrief Weekly ReportMJ, Steph, and Kenna Castleberry travel deep into the Amazon rainforest in search of a hidden and elusive 2,500-year-old civilization. Meanwhile, this week on The Micah Hanks Program I look at the idea of whether there is a technological “quickening” as humanity careens toward an uncertain future, as I am joined for a wide-reaching discussion by author Whitley Strieber. You can get all of The Debrief’s podcasts by heading over to our Podcasts Page.

Video News: In the latest installment of Rebelliously Curious, Chrissy Newton is joined by computer scientist Jaques Vallée for an in-depth discussion about the intersection between AI and the U.S. government’s studies of UAP. You can check out this, and other great content from The Debrief on our official YouTube…

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