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NASA aims to inspire future space explorers in fresh and innovative ways.

Case in point: Fictional astronaut Callie Rodriguez advances her outer space exploration mission as the first woman to step onto the moon in a brand-new issue of NASA’s “First Woman” digital graphic novel series, “First Woman: Expanding our Universe.”

In this second installment, available now at the “First Woman” website, readers will discover how Callie and her fellow astronauts work together as a unit to overcome various obstacles while trying to install a next-generation telescope on the far side of the moon.

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“First Woman: Expanding Our Universe” is the second in a series of NASA interactive graphic novels. (Image credit: NASA)

Currently published online in English and Spanish, “First Woman: Expanding Our Universe” chronicles the activities of Callie and her team of diverse crewmates as they confront the unknown, make scientific discoveries and accomplish their specific mission objectives.

“Diversity is at the core of NASA’s missions, and the reason we continue breaking the boundaries of what’s possible. ‘First Woman’ embodies the rich history of countless women who broke barriers and continue to lead NASA to the stars,” NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said in a statement on Thursday (Oct. 26).

“So much of what NASA does is to inspire future explorers, because each member of the Artemis Generation should feel represented in our missions,” Nelson said, referring to NASA’s Artemis program of lunar exploration. “Callie’s story reminds us that we will do what has never been done before — land the first woman on the moon, and it will inspire the world.”

In 2021’s “First Woman” premiere installment, “Dream To Reality,” Callie and her trusty robot RT were holed up safely inside a lunar lava tunnel. Fans can dive back into the moon-based adventure by hopping onto the redesigned “First Woman”…

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