NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope captures new, ultraviolet image of Jupiter | Science & Technology

(NewsNation) — NASA released a new, ultraviolet image of Jupiter last Friday, providing a false-color view of the planet.

The image was captured by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope in a color composite of ultraviolet wavelengths, which allows researchers to see the planet’s details in a new light. The ultraviolet-observing capabilities help astronomers study the short, high-energy wavelengths that are invisible to the human eye, the report said.

“Ultraviolet light reveals fascinating cosmic phenomena, including light from the hottest and youngest stars embedded in local galaxies; the composition, densities, and temperatures of the material between stars; and the evolution of galaxies,” according to the press release.

It was released in honor of Jupiter reaching opposition, the press release said, which means the planet is on the exact opposite side of the sky from the sun.

Researchers are able to use this image to create and define 3D details of the planet, including Jupiter’s clouds and weather patterns…

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