NASA’s Europa Clipper Mission May Soon Discover Alien Life. Here’s What’s Making Experts So Confident. | UAP

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A series of experiments studying the sensitivity of life-hunting instruments to be employed in NASA’s forthcoming Europa Clipper Mission have revealed promising new capabilities that significantly raise its chances of being the first to detect lifeforms beyond Earth.

With a launch window that opens in October of this year and a planned insertion into Jupiter’s orbit sometime around April 2030, the Europa Clipper is equipped with a suite of science instruments. Based on recent experiments, one particular instrument, Surface Dust Analyzer, was determined to be so sensitive that it could likely detect signs of alien life in individual grains of ice ejected by Jupiter’s icy moon.

“For the first time, we have shown that even a tiny fraction of cellular material could be identified by a mass spectrometer onboard a spacecraft,” said lead author Fabian Klenner, a University of Washington (UW) postdoctoral researcher in Earth and space sciences. “Our results give us more confidence that using upcoming instruments, we will be able to detect lifeforms similar to those on Earth, which we increasingly believe could be present on ocean-bearing moons.”

Oceans Beneath Surface of Icy Moons are Ideal Targets for Alien Lifeforms

While the search for life outside Earth has many targets, including the soil of Mars or the clouds of Venus, astrobiologists are increasingly optimistic about finding signs of past and present alien lifeforms within the subsurface oceans of the solar system’s icy moons. Along with Europa, these targets include Saturn’s moon Enceladus. Those hopes received even more fuel when researchers recently found evidence of phosphate on the surface of Enceladus.

The researchers explain, “This planetary body now appears to contain energy, water, phosphate, other salts, and carbon-based organic material, making it increasingly likely to support lifeforms similar to those found on Earth.”

This image shows red streaks…

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