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On April 8, 2024, at 3:06 PM EDT, around 50,000 people biked, scootered, and gathered in the trails of Indianapolis to witness the moon blotting out the view of the Sun from the cityscape, for approximately four minutes. It is the first time in 800 years that Indianapolis experienced this celestial event of the total solar eclipse, which will not happen again until 2044. For stargazers, eclipse chasers, and astronomy enthusiasts, NASA shared the riveting live stream of eclipse’s real-time status in the form of short clips shared in a thread on X.

Image Source: A person with glasses watches the total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024 in Colima, Mexico (Photo by Leonardo Montecillo/Agencia Press South/Getty Images)

The first clip was shared when the total solar eclipse was observed in Mazatlán, Mexico. The clip shows a black sphere of the umbra with an outline glowing with a halo of light.

A follow-up clip gained over 900k views in a short period. The video is unique and gained the interest of people as it showed how the total solar eclipse looked from the International Space Station. The video shows a shadow looming over the surface of the earth, darkening a swath and depicting a hollowed black crater forming on the otherwise green-blue ball of the planet.

People on social media thanked the NASA engineers for sharing the clips, apparently quite excited to pick up their eclipse glasses and witness the once-in-a-lifetime vista. @ildiko_santana commented, “Thank you so much for the amazing coverage of this celestial event and the great interviews. Exhilarating and humbling all at once… What an exciting time to be on our planet!”

The total solar eclipse of 2024 will sweep across North America, Mexico, Texas, Maine, and out across Canada’s Atlantic coast. It is believed to be a rare event by…

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