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NASA held a media briefing on Thursday to discuss its 33 page report on the organization’s year-long study into UFOs, or UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena), as the United States government now calls them.

The independent report was created by a group of 16 experts including former chair of Princeton University’s astrophysics department David Spergel, retired Navy captain and astronaut Scott Kelly, Warren Randolph from the Federal Aviation Administration, former undersecretary for Science and Technology at Department of Homeland Security Reggie Brothers, David Grinspoon from the Planetary Science Institute, and 11 others.

According to a NASA press release

The report contains the external study team’s findings and recommendations which aim to inform NASA on what possible data is available to be collected and how the agency can help shed light on the origin and nature of future UAP. The report is not a review or assessment of previous UAP incidents.

While NASA is still evaluating the report and assessing the independent study team’s findings and recommendations, the agency is committed to contributing to the federal government’s unified UAP effort by appointing a director of UAP research.

A NASA liaison to the Department of Defense previously covered limited UAP activities for the agency, and the director role will centralize communications, resources, and data analytical capabilities to establish a robust database for the evaluation of future UAP. The director also will leverage NASA’s expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and space-based observation tools to support and enhance the broader government initiative on UAP.

“At NASA, it’s in our DNA to explore – and to ask why things are the way they are. I want to thank the Independent Study Team for providing insight on how NASA can better study and analyze UAP in the future,” said NASA Administrator Bill Nelson.

“NASA’s new Director of UAP…

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